Dear Friends:

I just received a moving testimony via email from a psychologist and wanted to share it with you….


Dear John

First I want to thank you for making all this information available for free. Over the years I have identified myself with my emotions and with anger in particular.

I dislike myself because of my anger and I think I fail to appreciate that I am not my anger.

I am hopeful that I may learn to control it but it has been a part of me for so long that I don’t know I can ever be different.

You talked about anger destroying relationships, sabotaging your success, but anger has destroyed me, has turned me into a miserable and unhappy individual.  I have been forming the impression that certain techniques are preventative and others more immediate.

I am a highly impulsive individual and I think I may need to invest more on those more preventative measures (e.g get out in nature etc..) before benefiting from any of the other techniques. Anger feelings are triggered within seconds and it does take me about 1o minutes to realized that I have already lost it and at the moment all I seem to do is apologize for how I say things not for what I said.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us and contributing to our well being.

A fellow psychologist.


Dr. MB


In response to Dr. MB, I wrote the following…

Dear Dr. MB:

Yes, the field of emotion fascinates me.

I’ve found personally that the more I incorporate tools on the positive side, the less angry, sad and anxious I am. It’s a very nice shift. Of course, I still get angry, sad and fearful but it’s less intense and far less frequent.

I’m so glad you are finding the materials helpful. Keep using the tools and they will help you become less angry and more content!

Please feel free to share with your clients!

As an aside, I’m currently working on an emagazine for Amazon Kindle on positive psychology for all (called Happier: Positive Psychology to Create More Contentment in Life). Look for it in the next two months.

Let me know how it goes!


All the best,


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