Anger is common to all of us. It’s part of what makes us human. Anger is a useful, necessary ingredient in a purposeful life.

However, in some of us, anger is dialed up to high degree. When anger gets too intense, it may lead to constant irritation, feeling misunderstood, frequent arguments and even violence. Anger management tools are necessary for everyone. Check out this testimonial I received last week from Jeff F.

Dear John Schinnerer, 

I personally want to thank you for the book “Guide to Self: The Beginner’s Guide to Managing Emotion and Thought“.  I have greatly enjoyed this book. It alone has helped me face and overcome many of my own personal issues.  And yes we are all a bit “crazy” . I was set up to meet with a ‘shrink’ and ended up on medication that neither fixed my OCD nor my anger problem. The side effects alone told me to get off the meds but I was too shy to go to a group setting for anger management. So I turned to the internet and you were the first person I found. I want to thank you for the free book. And I look forward to continuing my studies through your online anger management course.  It is saving my marriage and my family. They say you have to hit rock bottom in some cases to get back up. I hit rock bottom a month ago and I am getting back up thanks to you. Hope to hear from you again.

 Jeff F.


It is my firm belief that there are many people out there, just like Jeff, who can reach their potential and be wildly successful simply by learning powerful anger management tools. It’s not that difficult!

You know deep down that anger management techniques would increase the success of your relationships at home and at work. Anger management tools will increase your happiness and success in your career. What’s more, there may be some anxiety, stress and sadness mixed in with that anger as well which can be alleviated with stress management tools.

What you’re really trying to do is learn effective ways to manage your anger, anxiety and stress so that they do not control you. You need to make a friend of your mind, rather than fighting it.

You know if you found proven anger management techniques to turn down the volume on your anger and anxiety you could be more successful at work and at home.

These anger management skills are necessary for everyone for personal happiness and professional success.

The challenge is that you’ve haven’t yet figured out a simple and effective anger management technique to turn down the volume on your anger.

You’ve tried other anger management solutions and they have not worked. Or perhaps they gave you some relief but it’s not enough.

The best solution for you? Most programs focus only on anger management. That’s part of the solution, but it’s not the whole solution.

It’s not enough simply to turn down the volume on anger.

The best anger management teachers will teach you …

1. Anger management – a powerful knowledge base regarding what anger is, along with the best anger management tools to turn down the volume on anger

2. Stress management – understanding what stress is and discovering new ways to relate to stress

3. Emotional awareness – education to increase awareness of negative emotions in the moment (so they stop sneaking up on you)

4. Assertiveness training – how to be more appropriately assertive so anger doesn’t build over time

5. Paths to relaxation and happiness – Positive psychology tools to pursue the 3 proven paths to happiness

a. Sensory pleasure and positive emotions

b. Engagement with life, and

c. Meaning and purpose in your life

The best news? All of these anger management tools can be learned in the privacy of your own place via the Web.

Check out the myriad of ways in which John Schinnerer, Ph.D., the anger management expert, can help you with the latest in online anger management classes and anger management techniques.

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