I received this email today from ‘John’. I thought I’d share it with you as it had such an emotional impact on me.

I hope you find it moving as well.



positive psychology of anger management

Dear Dr. Schinnerer,

 I have to say that your online class is my first real experience with anger management. I felt that I never needed it. I am currently in prison and serving life for murder. I am a former member of the Mafia and have never considered myself an angry person but one person pointed out to me that of all people I needed anger management most.

I am a recovering addict. I have been sober for over 6 years now and have found that with sobriety comes clarity. 

I believe that the strategies that you provided in the first part of this course for coping with anger will prove to be beneficial. I particularly like the emphasis on turning down the volume on negative emotions and turning up the volume on positive emotions. That has been a practice of mine for years.

I look forward to the second video lesson which I will watch today.


John Morrison