Latest Findings in Anger Management

There are many theories and tens of thousands of studies that look to explain why individuals are overweight, have low self-esteem, suffer from migraines, are addicted to drugs and alcohol, are depressed, develop sexual performance problems, are at higher risk for heart attacks and heart break, abuse their loved ones physically and emotionally, and become suicidal. One finding that consistently emerges from these seemingly different outcomes is that folks who suffer from these troubling patterns cannot manage their anger. They have a hard time dealing with their own anger. They don’t possess strong anger management skills. Their anger maangement toolkit is empty. While out-of-control anger is not the only cause of these issues, it is a constant theme in all of them, indicating that poor anger management likely plays an important role in their development.

The goal of this exclusive anger management program is to help you connect rational thought with appropriate action in the heat of the moment. So at the end of each anger management video, you will be asked to take action steps to insure you learn to manage your anger effectively. The best way to learn anger management is by doing. Each and every time you take action to manage your anger, you take a step towards rewriting old negative patterns and habits. The brain is capable of creating new brain cells and pathways throughout your life. So age is irrelevant. You can learn new ways of being at any age.

What’s more, your brain changes rapidly, in many cases in a matter of minutes or hours. However, some of your patterns of behavior and reactions have existed for many years. Learning anger management effectively may take 3-4 months to learn to undo and replace with more constructive ways of responding to annoying situations.

Anger Management Action Steps

Every action step shares three common elements:

  1. They are concrete exercises. They tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.
  2. They take place in the present moment. They are current. You can perform them right away.
  3. They are within your control. You don’t need to rely on anyone else to ensure your success.

I am am pumped up to teach you more about the latest anger management tools. Together we can transform the world! I look forward to teaching you more soon!

Have a relaxing week!

John Schinnerer Ph.D.

Award-winning author, Founder Guide To Self, former angry man