Hi, my name is John Schinnerer, award-winning author, UC Berkeley-trained emotion expert, speaker and founder of Guide To Self, Inc.

I teach men scientifically-proven tools to master their emotions, ways to turn down the volume on negative emotions like anger, anxiety, sadness, shyness AND ways to turn up the volume on positive emotions – contentment, pride, curiosity, happiness, love, awe, and surprise.

I have learned over the past few decades that emotions are at the root of why we do things – why we buy, love, hate, fear, why we hook up, take a job, disagree, vote and even invest money. Without a clear understanding of what our emotions are doing and why we are at their mercy.

So let me ask you a question…

Have you ever been told that you might have an issue with anger?

Have you ever been too shy to go out and meet new friends?

Have you ever been stuck in a ditch of depression?

Have you ever lost control of your temper and regretted what you did after the fact?

Do you have trouble letting people get close to you?

Does it feel like most of your intentions are misunderstood?

Me too!

The best news is that there are now scientifically proven tools to help you in each of those areas. And I’m going to share some with you in these videos.